Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cutlery Corner Business As Usual...Or Is It...

Been taking something of a break from my usual amount of posts while a severe burn on my right hand healed. Singed it down to the bone 3 weeks back and today was the first time it felt like a part of me again, so here goes.

And poor old James A. Frost must be feeling some heat as well. Last weekend, and continuing late Friday night, he continued reading the names and addresses of folks who've written him to extol the marvels of those cheap Chinamen pot steels he pawns off as knives, and the nice side of me doesn't know who to feel more sorrowful for. 

Jim, whose conscience must be over-boiling from decades of grifting the unknowing, or those unfortunate folk that've been scammed by him. Then again Jim made himself rich from lying, cheating, and stealing from the stupid among us and while being stupid isn't a crime it is a sentence unto itself so screw Jim AND those morons who feel compelled to praise a con man. 

The positive news is that the criticism from those opposed to outright thievery expressed in venues such as blogging, has, at the end of the day, done some good. For the past couple to three weeks, none of his carnival barkers have stolen the names or properties of Kershaw, Spyderco, Benchmade or Case, with Case most probably at the forefront of those remonstrating against such goings on. 

Thieves are good at one thing, being thieves, and the proof of this is the inability of Frost Cutlery to design or name a knife or opening mechanism, or even the correct blade and grind nomenclatures all by their lonesome, hence such "borrowing" from their betters. As an example, off the top of my head  and I'm sure yours as well, it'd be easy to re-name the Kershaw SPEEDSAFE assisted opening process without breaking a sweat.

The Springsteel Assist, the Lightning Snap, or even something so tacky a Frosted Flake would think was cool, such as the Steel Warrior Thunder-Opening Tactical. But these are the same "professionals" who misspell the most simple of words so it isn't any wonder that they've no room for creativity in those felonious thought processes.

Mum has been the word lately, and I'm happy to see it and so are the real knifemakers too, I bet. Todd Boone stutters when trying to identify what an assisted-opening Frost product should be defined as, and lately as been saying "Call it whatever you want, it's fast." which we'll happily take as something of a surrender to common decency.

Oh yeah and before I forget; the past month or thereabouts Frost has been featuring what most of us remember as the Hobo Knife. Spoon, fork, and blade tuck all together into one handle, but "Hobo" had for years been legally taken by Case & Sons when describing such products. Boone and Frost, O'Dell, and even Trembling Travis the human potato-nose herself repeatedly offered that they couldn't call it the Hobo anymores, and struggled mightily to find something as simple as the Boxcar Tramp, The Scouts 3-in-1, The Camp Knife, or something else that would be instantly recognizable as another name for the venerable Hobo.*


They arrive unprepared, half the time haven't a clue as to what they're looking at, in the case of Trembling Travis and O'Dell argue amongst themselves every chance they get. 

And Boone might as well not have the ear piece on because he shouts "WHAT...HUH?" each and every time the director tries communicating with him off the air... then complains he's lost his train of thought....then the director stops trying to speak with him at all...then Boone bitches that he's lost his place and begins screeching that his director doesn't talk to him. Is it any wonder that such  misfits have to cheat to earn an indecent living?


Well glorioski kids...Sheila and old senile Tom O'Dell featured the 3-tier Hobo knife...and guess what?

O'Dell of course blurted out "HOBO" then realized that that single utterance may just have cost his company a pretty penny, but the caption on the product actually said "Boxcar", and Potato-Nosed Sheila offered that it'd be "A Boy Scout's dream!" Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Well, maybe not O'Dell but Sheila the pooch learned her a lesson from somewheres...


Bah_Humbug said...

Somehow I wound up on YouTube and ran accross this : Looks like O'Dell & co had a rough go hawking pot steel Katanas.

fits said...

Thanks, Bah. Ever since that point in time James A. Frost has forbidden his hawkers to do anything more than touch one of his products while the cameras are rolling.