Wednesday, December 01, 2010

"Police Dog" Killed By Robbery Suspect

BLACKWOOD, NJ (CBS/AP) — A police “K-9″ dog was killed Tuesday evening after being thrown into traffic by a robbery suspect he had chased down.
Skyler Robinson, 20, was taken into custody after an overnight hunt, and a second suspect, 19-year-old Evan Scotese, was taken into custody at his home Wednesday morning
Police say the dog, a 3½-year-old German Shepherd, was on duty for Gloucester Township police when they responded to a burglary call at a Chinese restaurant on East Church Street in Blackwood.
The suspects made off with approximately $300 and one of them punched an employee before fleeing.
After picking up the scent of Robinson, the dog, named “Shultz,” was let loose and chased him down along the shoulder of Route 42.

But as Shultz tried to take down Robinson, he somehow got hold of him and threw him into traffic on the highway. The dog was killed instantly.

Officer Shultz gave his life for Officer Pickard and all of the men and women of the Gloucester Township Police Department and we’re very thankful for his service,” Chief Harry Earle said.

Robinson and Scotese are both facing numerous charges, including robbery and resisting arrest by flight. In addition, Robinson is also facing charges of inflicting harm on a law enforcement animal and cruelty to animals.
Police say they are very close to K-9 units — they say they treat the dogs like they treat other officers. And the men lined up early Wednesday morning outside the Chews Landing Veterinary Hospital, saluting as the body of the dog was brought out in a hearse.

A service to honor Shultz the dog is planned for next Thursday."

I am a dog lover. German Shepard's used by police departments to attack, and if need be, kill a human being, are no longer mere dogs, but severely disturbed animals.

There are numerous instances of these creatures injuring the innocent and even their handlers, and for as much as I do love dogs, were one to latch on to me I'd kill it. Just like any other wild animal. Last time I checked, police dogs were not mentioned in my copy of the Constitution, and regardless of what these lowlife servants of ours referred to as law enforcement believe, do not have the right to attack and maim a person.

One of the major problems we have with the modern constabulary is their believe that they are our superiors. Permitting these cretins to presume that certain animals are as well, simply must be nipped in the bud as we on a daily basis strive to resume our rightful place as the ones in charge of the whole shebang. 

Look at it this way; Michael Vick allowed his property to be used to train dogs to fight one another, and served 18 months in prison. All across the country, police departments conduct training that teaches dogs to fight people.

What's next? Attack chimps? They're smarter. Than most cops even. No wait. Then there'd be too much competition for promotions. The poor dogs they can abuse at will, and don't know from squat about recompense, where a chimp wouldn't stand for such treatment.

Then again this IS Jersey. Where the Governor kisses law enforcements collective ass and feels its A-okay to disarm the populace just in case they might spook some poor cop who was under the impression only he was allowed to defend himself. (Sorry. Any time I get an opening to spit on Christie I will) 

PS: And always remember that should an officer feel threatened he can kill every last one of your pets without so much as a by-your-leave. Happens all the time in all the states. But when their pets are in danger they codify make believe laws to promote the animal to sworn officer of the law. 

And worse yet, we let them get away with it.


Wanna know how the dog got that name? Schultz?

Seems the yokels had a contest to name him, and a local 5th grader voted for Schultz, in honor of perhaps the dirtiest hockey player of all time, David Schultz who played for the Philadelphia Flyers.

Schultz was known for, among other things, wrapping his hands as a boxer would so when he pummeled an opponent he wouldn't endanger his digits. Multiple face fractures and concussions later, the practice was banned by the NHL and remains so to this day.

Could thing the dog wasn't more aggressive. They might have named him "Manson".


Bah_Humbug said...

I'm with you on this. It's a dog, it's a tool, it's( obvious to most ) not a human.

Although in this case...

fits said...

Thanks, Bah. Booger was glitching and I could not include any pics. Basically, this story speaks volumes about the mindset...did I say MINDSET, sheesh...of today's law enforcement that believes anyTHING wearing a badge is supreme in nature.

Crotalus said...

Not all of us let them get away with it. I love dogs, but if that animal is attacking me, I''ll do my best to kill it. I may grieve for the dog after, but this "Cops are better than us peons" has got to stop.

Bah_Humbug said...

The day dogs can swear an oath of office is the day we should consider them officers. The day dogs are not considered property is the day we should consider them officers. The day dogs can voluntarily elect to join or leave the force is the day we should consider them officers. Until then they should be considered as what they are: property, tools, equipment. Just out of curiosity, were any of the Nazi concentration camp dogs tried for war crimes? Didn't think so... ( To be clear - I'm not calling the NJ police Nazis. I just pointing out the hypocrisy. )

fits said...

Thanks for the input, fella's. As always, thought provoking.

Wirecutter said...

I'd kill my own dog CharlieGodammit if he was attacking me.