Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cutlery Corner...Casting Pearls Before Swine...

"...If you buy one of these boxes you're guaranteed to get one pearl handled knaahf. Buy three of 'em and we'll make sure one is a stag handled knaafh.  That means one stag and two pearls but buy two and you don't get one and one just two pearls..."

Being an ardent fan of George Patton, it is my belief that only a pimp wears pearl. Men wear ivory but don't tell that to the fancy schmancy boys who fall for the mother of pearl pitch that tells them its okay to show their feminine side.

The "deal" James Frost and Todd Stumbles Boone are speaking of is one of their famous scams whereby they sell an unseen item called the "Mystery Box" swearing that its really a good deal because the product inside is one helluva humdinger. Come Monday, James A. Frost will face the camera and say "...Now you might not have gotten a $200 knaahf in our Mystery Box, but because you bought one your buddy probably did..."

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