Thursday, December 02, 2010

Man Jailed In Jersey For Guns He Legally Bought In Colorado

"Aitken had passed an FBI background check to buy them in Colorado when he lived there, his father said, and had contacted New Jersey State Police and discussed the proper way to transport them.

"He bought them at Bass Pro Shops, for God's sake, not some guy named Tony on the street corner," his father said.

New Jersey and Colorado are on opposite ends of the gun-control spectrum. In Colorado, all he needed was the background check to own the guns.

In the Garden State, Aitken was required to have a purchaser's permit from New Jersey to own the guns and a carry permit to have them in his car.
He also was charged with having "large capacity" magazines and hollow-point bullets, which one state gun-control advocate found troubling.

"What little I can glean about the transportation issue leaves me puzzled, but a person with common sense would not be moving illegal products from one place to another by car," said Bryan Miller, executive director of CeaseFire NJ, an organization devoted to reducing gun violence.

"If Mr. Aitken did the research he said he did, he would not have hollow-point bullets and large-capacity magazines in the vehicle," Miller said. "They are illegal, period."

Years back I owned houses along the Jersey shore. Easy enough access to NYC where friends and family were, but rural enough so I could grow my beloved tomatoes. Then NJ went haywire, with the gun grabbers hiding behind every bush so off I went, lock, stock, and smoking barrels.

This case is a troubling one. No real Conservative would agree with jailing someone who legally purchased firearms and munitions, but its the law that gets in the way. If you break the law you are a criminal. Yes, lots of folks are just that, trying to exercise simple human rights but prevented from doing so because of race, color, creed, national origin, or being silly enough to wish to bear arms. So there are only three decisions to be made in states like New Jersey; remain, break the law and hope you don't get caught, remain and try to change the liberal climate while obeying the law, or leave.

In my lifetime, New Jersey will not become a 2nd Amendment friendly state. Look, they brag about Governor Christie and he's a gun grabbing dictator who simply happens to have learned something about finance, so when the unions get their way and back a different liberal to replace him nothing will have changed with regards to gun ownership.  There are times we've got to stop charging at windmills and face the truth. Some states attract a certain sort of American and if you happen to not be that sort of American it might behoove you to go where likeminded people live.

I'm not talking about surrender. Lefties flock to LA, D.C., NYC and New Jersey for a reason; those places are governed by and overwhelming occupied by other lefties. Leaving the Midwest because you can no longer shovel snow is not surrendering to the gods of nature but simply wishing to find a more comfortable environment. 

Mr. Aitken chose to remain in New Jersey and hope he didn't get caught. I refuse to believe he was unaware of the law, hell, everyone in Jersey for any length of time is, but I respect his decision because he was exercising basic unalienable rights. We as adults continuously make decisions that effect our well being. Mr. Aitkens, as a man in his maturity, and of sound mind, made his. To argue against his decision is to do what liberals do all the time, namely telling other people how to think and act and feel and behave.

I despise The Garden State and wouldn't live there for all the tea in China. As an American I understand that other Americans have different values and decide to band together and dismiss others who are not on the same wavelength. They are called liberals and they've every right to be liberal and I've every right to hate their guts but their laws aren't any less important than mine. Well, sure they are because they're unconstitutional but that isn't going to prevent them from sending armed men to take you to prison or kill you if you disagree.

Oh and by the way; Mr. Aitkens dad seems to think that referring to " some guy named Tony" is good to go. Lotsa legit gun dealers named Tony.  Guess the senior Aitkens is just a douchebag and a half.

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