Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More From The Land Of Fruits & Nuts: Off With The Plastic And In With The Paper

San Jose bans plastic bags

San Jose became the largest U.S. city to ban plastic carry-out bags Tuesday with an ordinance that supporters said was the most far-reaching in the country aimed at encouraging shoppers to bring reusable totes.

The ordinance, approved on a 10-1 vote after two years of study, wouldn't become effective until Jan. 1, 2012, to allow for more public outreach. It would prohibit retailers from giving out disposable plastic bags at the check stand and require them to charge for paper bags.
"This is a great step," Councilman Sam Liccardo said. "It's an opportunity to lead on an important environmental issue."

First they foisted plastic bags upon us in order to "save a tree", and now they tell us to fuck the trees and switch back to paper. Since lunatic liberal mood-swings are cyclic, expect a time in the not too distant future where they remember how warm and cuddly all those trees were and mandate a return to plastic.

And, pray tell, just when did the government, ANY government, get the right to tell its citizens what sort of tote to use when shopping?

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