Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cops Shoot Suspect...Then Their Own Dog...And Lie About It...

"While searching the complex for the suspect, officers heard a single gunshot in the wooded area in the rear of the building. The officers then attempted a canine track ... into the wooded area, but were originally unsuccessful. As the officer began to exit the woods, the canine alerted [officers] to the presence of the suspect in a heavy brush and thicket area. The canine then engaged the suspect. As the officers approached, they heard several gunshots and encountered the suspect, who pointed his handgun toward them and began firing additional shots.

The portion in italics was discovered to be a boldfaced lie, as the suspects pistol was found to be unfired. So the cops went in guns a blazing, shot the man along with their own K9, then had bronze enough balls to lie about it, even to the point of sending him the vets bill ($46,704) for treating the injured dog.

These lying wastes of oxygen were caught redhanded and remain busy trying to lie even more to prevent society's punishment for their nefarious deeds. Happens every day in every clime and place where modern law enforcement hangs a hat; Cops lie, the truth somehow surfaces, then the blue wall of silence surrounds and protects them from prosecution. Please click the headline link for more of the story, and thanks to The War on Guns for the link.

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