Friday, December 17, 2010

Tacoma PD Adds Kimber To Its List Of Officer-Approved Weapons

Which is reason enough to force cops to use the better sidearm rather than letting them decide. Then again, when all was said and done, only 11% of the force stayed with the Kimber over GLOCK weapon systems, so there's hope yet. But a far glitchier pistol that is WAY more expensive simply should not be on the menu, and leaving it up to the patrolman on the street to assure that his more labor intensive Kimber is operating smoothly is too much of a risk.

Now don't get all riled with the presumption that I'm anti-1911. Anti-Kimber to a point of course, but had to be dragged kicking and screaming away from Mr. Browning's marvelous design when the time came to switch over to the all but useless Beretta 9mm. Not that comparing real-world efficiency to the shooting sports is all that fair, but there IS a reason a $700 GLOCK will shoot rings around a $3000 1911. GLOCK's are ugly and there's always the gotta-be-sexy factor that can and will cloud human judgment or there'd be no need to even mention how our employees are selecting 2nd best for no good reason other than the "IT" factor that comes along with any caliber beginning with a "4" and ending with a "5".

GLOCK's can also be had in that caliber, are faster to feed-fire-and fling, and more reliable and (out-of-the-box) accurate but just aren't all that shiny so Gaston is missing the boat by not offering a nickle-plated G-21.

And not for nothing, but 1911's with anything other than a 5" barrel simply defeats the purpose. .45ACP goes slow enough without skimping on the tube....unless you fiddle with the  rifling.

Clicking on the pic I've included won't take you anywhere but to a larger version, so if you want to read the full story then please travel there via the headline link.

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