Saturday, December 18, 2010

Notable Quote Time...This One From Rush

Limbaugh: Obama didn’t lobby for US for 2022 World Cup because he is a “guaranteed loser … talk to Chicago about that” (12/2)
Obama lost his bid to win the 2016 Summer Olympics for Chicago, he lost his bid to win carbon emission reduction concessions from emerging nations at the Copenhagen climate summit last year, he failed to help gubernatorial candidates in Virginia and New Jersey and a senatorial candidate in Massachusetts win election, he failed to help and was given the cold shoulder by 2010 midterm candidates, he failed to get G-20 members to agree to currency inflation at the recent Asian summit, and he faces massively declining popularity among both his supporters and his detractors here and abroad. He is, in every sense of the term, a loser.

Yes, he won the 2008 presidential election—and a presidential election only gives one power, but does not produce actual results. In dozens of ways, Obama has failed to capitalize on the power he was given to produce concrete results, in terms of improving the economy, twisting moderate Democrats’ and Republicans’ arms and getting them to accede to his leftist agenda, or in sustaining the world’s love affair with him. With Obama’s recent capitulation to the GOP on extending the Bush tax cuts, there is even talk of a primary challenge to Obama in 2012, which has been virtually impossible to survive in modern times. After Obama becomes a one-term president, will anyone be calling him a winner anymore?"

Barry obviously decided that winning the election was enough and that the entire universe would fall in line simply because enough stupid and/or dead people liked the cut of his jib in November of '08.

But, as is almost always the case when referring to the dreams and ass-pirations held dear by liberals, the real world intruded upon Barry's reverie and responded with a resounding "NO FRICKIN WAY". 

Once Soetoro-the-beloved began traveling hither and yon, attached to his ever-present idiot-screens (aka teleprompters), planet earth itself was astonished that a man of such supposed stature couldn't string together two coherent thoughts without first checking his electronic notes, and pigeon-holed him as the no-nothing, do-nothing, actor he really is.

And thusly, first and forever foremost, a loser. Let's have a standing ovation for the world...

PS: The reason Barry didn't lobby was he didn't want to look even dumber when the petition was rejected. You know, that great American can-do attitude that proscribes surrendering at the first indication of an impediment.  If for some strange reason America HAD been given the right to host the cup, then Obama's mouthpieces would have said that Barry was lobbying behind the scenes, hence no indication of his becoming involved at all.

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