Thursday, December 02, 2010

Cutlery Corner...The Mid-Week Grift

Yes, it's that time of the week and sadly, that time of the year. When the grifters over at Cult-leery-Corner get to try and lure even more of the sick, lame, and lazy into purchasing cheap Chinaman crafted, pot-steel knives.

But it's getting too hard to keep up with how lame these Frosted Flakes really are. Phony steels and phony handles, made in phony factories by phone "craftsmen". When nary a thing the hawkers say is true, well, where does one even begin to continue exposing them for the thieves they are?

Since they lie, we're left to extrapolate. Now, just about anything offered on Cult-leery-Corner can be had cheaper from any number of online knife stores. Cheaper shipping, too. Lots cheaper. So it seems to me that the products they try to pawn off on an unsuspecting public are what the Frost dealers return as unsellable.

So then, why would anyone in their right mind order something from the Frost infomercials when it can be had cheaper elsewhere?

The pitch. Todd Boone and Sheila Travis, and poor old Tom O'Dell do their very best to pitch the un-pitchable. Something that languishes in a dealers inventory gets sold when the Frosted Flakes do their little dance of love for dear Mr. James A. Frost.

Another sad thing about the Frost grift, is the fact that up to a certain point the Chinese can actually make a halfway decent knife using decent enough steels. 440C is available in China, and Pakistan, even India, and its certainly good enough for the designs Frost pitches but why use a good steel when you can use an inferior one and pocket a helluva lot more profit.

Well, lemme go back to watching Todd lie his ass off.

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