Friday, December 17, 2010

Lone Wolf Magazine Extenders

In a GLOCK 23, which one might just happen to keep by ones bedside, plus-8 means 23 rounds for the mag, so including the one always in the pipe,that brings the grand total to...hold on a sec...carry the one...yeah...that comes to 24 slugs awaiting their introduction to Mr. Home Invader and Friends

The latest gig the crash-door crowd has woven into its repertoire is to spray then spray again upon entry, hoping to make the residents duck and cover long enough to establish fire superiority. Thing is, most of the time this strategy works just fine. But if one keeps ones head and stays away from being made into a human pincushion, having 24 bad boys to bring to the dance can do wonders for survivability.

Sure you're not going to carry such a rig, but for target practice and bedside manner they might be just the ticket. Plus-8 for .40 cal and Plus-10 for wonder-nines, all for $49.95.

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