Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lady Shelly's Separate Hawaii Travel Likely Costs at Least $63,000

The decision by First Lady Michelle Obama to leave on schedule for her two-week Hawaii vacation and not wait a few days for her delayed husband will probably cost taxpayers more than $63,000 in additional expenses, according to a White House Dossier analysis.
President Obama was supposed to depart for Hawaii Saturday, but decided to stay in Washington until Congress finishes its work for the year. He’s now expected to depart today or tomorrow. But Mrs. Obama chose to leave without him Saturday, taking their two children and the dog along with her.

Mrs. Obama’s decision to go without the president forced her to take a separate plane, meaning two flights instead of one were needed to ferry the First Family to their vacation destination. Unless for some reason her plane was headed to Hawaii anyway, her trip involves substantial additional costs."

Royalty does NOT pay attention so such things. Royalty does what it damned well pleases, WHEN it damned well pleases.
You'd think that, what with all the brouhaha over her extravagances, Michelle Obama would at least give lip service to acting like she gives a fuck.


TJP said...

Meanwhile I'm helping my mother sort out a surprise tax bill from the fe'ral gov't. It's due immediately, just in time for the holidays! In their opinion she was advantaged on the occasion of my father's death, and they're not impressed by the upward withholding adjustments I made. All the deadbeats and tax parasites should really send her a nice thank you card--if she doesn't succumb to her cancer, then I'm sure the IRS will kill her with grief.

But hey guys, Merry Christmas! Look, it's a present from the government. Surprise! More debt!

(Gee, I don't know, this debt is about 10 sizes too large. Can I return it?)

fits said...

Oh dammitall man, that sucks. I am truly sorry for the grief she's experiencing and it makes me want to take up arms even more so when the Feds take to robbing widows.