Saturday, February 23, 2008

American Media Still Fawning Over Fidel

February 23, 2008 -- 'FIDEL Castro Resigns." That's a fantastic head line, and should be cause for celebration. But just because the doddering dictator is stepping aside doesn't mean that Cuba is abandoning tyranny. And just because he's leaving doesn't mean the media are dropping their fictions about Castro, the Cuban "president."

Glancing at a TV set, I caught this CNN screen graphic: "Fidel Castro Resigns: Cuban Pres. Rejects New Term." Where on Earth is the media's regard for accuracy?

A "new term"? This murderous despot has only had one long, abusive term, and it's lasted 49 years. Anyone who says otherwise - that the Cuban "parliament" would be setting another "election" - is not just a useful idiot. He's simply an idiot.

AP reporter Anita Snow suggested using the word "dictator" to describe Castro is tantamount to mudslinging. While "Castro's supporters admired his ability to provide a high level of health care and education for citizens," his "detractors called him a dictator."

The American media was absolutely allergic to words like "dictator." Rudy Giuliani can be routinely attacked by liberal reporters as "despotic," "authoritarian" and "totalitarian," but Fidel Castro is just a "president" or a "Cuban leader."

For decades, this has been an easy display of the media's foreign affections. Every right-wing dictator, like Chile's Pinochet, is a "dictator," while every left-wing dictator is merely a "leader" or, in Castro's case, a "dashing revolutionary" and a "rock star." (That was ABC's Diane Sawyer on the morning of Castro's abdication announcement.)

It was nauseating to watch ABC's Robin Roberts assert that so-called "Cuban President" Castro was stepping down - and then see reporter Jeffrey Kofman suggest that the "so-called" sneer should be leveled against his opponents: "The fervently anti-Castro community of so-called Cuban exiles here in Miami erupted in celebration" when Castro grew ill in 2006."

Castro despises America.

The Yellowstream Media despises America.

Not a one of them are digging for the truth of the matter, because admitting that Fidel is either dead or on life support would be too grisly to bear. Several Miami acquaintances of mine say that the latest Castro-Grams sound nothing at all like him or the way he used to write. Like Arafat, Castro has been pronounced dead so very many times it is impossible to determine if the ailing scumbag is still with us or not, but gee you'd think at least one of the media outlets would take a look at the subject because it'd be big news.

The virulent old despot gave the Soviet Union parking space for nuclear tipped missiles aimed at the United States. His fondest wish was to see America a smoldering ruin. For that and that alone, he deserved glorious martyrdom and if he IS still alive I fervently hope he's in more agony than a person should be forced to bear.

Cuba Libre. Death to Castro.

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