Monday, February 25, 2008

Honolulu Police Department and the Hawaii Rifle Association Battling Over 2nd Amendment...

Subtitled: Yet another police force cringes at the thought of having to work for free men.

A battle is brewing between the Honolulu Police Department and the Hawaii Rifle Association over a proposed ban of a high-powered sniper rifle.

KITV's Catherine Cruz reported that the 50-caliber rifle is dubbed the most powerful rifle on the market today, and the HPD said it is their worst nightmare.

That is why they said they want it out of civilian hands.

It's a weapon that's long been used by the military and law enforcement, but in most states, a person can buy it over the Internet or from a gun store, which is making law enforcement uneasy."

But it isn't just the local yokels who are shiting their wee drawers:

"The National Guard calls the weapon a threat to homeland security.

"It does concern us -- shooting down airplanes four miles distances," Hawaii National Guard Gen.Gary Ishikawa said."

No one has ever been injured let alone killed by a privately owned .50 cal, it is certainly NOT the choice of gang bangers, and CANNOT simply be purchased over the internet as the lying cops and their journalist henchmen claim.

And now the traitorous National Guard wants in on the action.


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