Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Imbeciles At College Stage Mock Safety Drill

Let's see; unlawful detention, terrorist threats, assault, assault with a deadly weapon...

ELIZABETH CITY, NC -- "Officials at Elizabeth City State University are puzzled about why some students on campus did not know about a safety drill conducted Friday.

In the exercise, an undercover police officer took a classroom hostage to test the university’s emergency communications system.

It happened in Room 236 of Moore Hall during a small American Foreign Policey class. For 12 minutes, students lined up against the wall, and one began praying. Many of them, including the professor, were unaware the ordeal was a drill.

The gunman told the unsuspecting professor he would shoot him in the lung.

All students, faculty and staff were sent an e-mail every day last week leading up to the drill, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Anthony Brown told 13News.

"It was never our intention to frighten or scare anyone," said Brown. "It's really to test the security measures and make faculty and students feel safe."

Administrators say the e-mails were vague to keep it realistic, and say had anyone's safety been compromised, the officer dressed as a gunman would have immediately stopped the drill.

ECSU junior Greg Staffod told 13News the school sends out lots of e-mails that he does not always read. He said he and his classmates should not have been unwitting test subjects.

The exercise mimicked a drill at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro, Brown said."

Thats right. These idiots sent an undercover cop into a classroom to make believe he was a killer...

Just to see how fast the on-campus police would respond.

Now, this "drill" could have been enacted in a reasonable manner, sort of like a fire drill. Remember the last time you participated in a fire drill? Did they set the building on fire just to see how long it took the fire department to get there and extinguish it?

Of course not.

And this moron posing as a murderer simply had to enter the room, announce to everyone that it was a drill, then have the teacher sound an alarm.

But no.

That would not have been anywhere near as much fun for the police. Who arrived in 13 minutes and of course stormed the room, in the manner of those fully aware that it was just a fake.

How's about if WE pulled a drill like this without telling THEM? Think they'd charge into a possible hail of gunfire?

If so, it'd be a first that I can tell you. And of course you or I would wind up in prison for pulling such a dangerous stunt, because, after all, the SHEEP are not supposed to fight back.

What appalling idiots.

Thanks to The War on Guns.

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