Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Election: 1968...My How Things Have Changed Over The Past 40 Years...


Vice President Hubert Humphrey did not participate in ANY of the primaries back in 1968, and still won the democrat party nomination. The party then went on to drastically, ahem, change the process so as to prohibit such an event from occurring ever again, but guess what...

They fiddled with the system but did not change the fact that so called super-delegates can select whomever they choose.

Understanding history can help one to also understand why Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton is still plugging along. With enough back room deals, she need not win another state to receive the nomination. In '68, the naysayers ranted that Humphrey receiving the nod without carrying one single state would RUIN THE DEMOCRAT PARTY.


One thing can be be said about the democrats. They could care less who wins as long as who wins can beat the Republican nominee, while promising the right people some serious shares of pork along the way. Rules? Ha. Precedents of history? Please now. Honor among thieves? Not on your life.

Yes, it will displease the blacks should Obo go on to win state after state but be denied the chance to run for President.

They'll get over it.

No matter what the democrats do to the blacks, the blacks always get over it.

Conservative Republicans have a difficult time thinking like liberal democrats, and presume that such shenanigans would severely hurt the democrat party.

It WOULD hurt the Republican party but these are DEMOCRATS we're talking about. Rules are made to be broken, and who CARES what the little people think anyway?

"Oh dear! It'd tear the Democrat Party APART!" weep the Laura Ingrahams. "This will split and has the chance of ruining the democrat party..." pontificates Rush Limbaugh.

Get real.

The ONLY way democrats EVER win is by obfuscation and treachery.

Why stop now when it seems to work every now and again?

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