Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mr. Brilliant Doesn't Know 'Fiesta' From 'Siesta'...

"A few people were leaving at the end of his town hall event while Obama was still speaking. Obama chalked that up, unknowingly, to them just wanting to beat traffic so he said goodbye in front of the 3,000 person crowd.

But then said, "We're having a little siesta out here - a little party," as a way to coax them to come back.

The problem?

Siesta, in Spanish, means nap. Fiesta, in Spanish, means party.

It was unclear what Obama actually meant, but it would be hard to surmise Obama wanted for people to catch a nap in the middle of his speech."

Each. And Every. Day. Tuning in to talk radio...that is, when I've the stomach to listen to RINO bullspit that tries to pass as Conservative discourse...all I hear is how "smart" B. Hussein Obama happens to be. Scardy cat RINO talking heads simply MUST refer to him as a veritable genius before injecting some criticism into the discussion, or make the fatal misstep of seeming to be racist or somehow bigoted.

This is what true Conservatives dread and rail against at every turn. Treating someone differently simply because they might happen to look different. That in and of itself smacks of racism.

In all the time...and the liberal love affair with B. Hussein goes back to the democrat national convention of '04 when he appeared as the keynote speaker so he is HARDLY an unknown, something RINO's also preach at every turn...Obama has never said one single thing that would lead any rational person to believe him to have anything close to above average intelligence. Quite the contrary, actually. He speechifies, preechifies, falls into black-cent whenever it seems to be called for, and has never uttered a word, a plan, a platform, or anything that could be identified as brainy.

So then, in the real world his misunderstanding of simple spanish words that every schoolchild would know is hardly newsworthy. For chrissake the man thinks that threatening to nuke Pakistan is a brilliant plan. He thinks that taxing American big businesses until they uproot and move to parts unknown is a good idea. He thinks that loading America down with entitlement after entitlement and debt upon debt is way cool.

In other words, he's a blooming idiot.

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