Friday, February 22, 2008

Guns In Schools

(February 21, 2008) — "What keeps school security professionals up at night? Pandemic flu outbreaks, homegrown or international terrorism, suicide bombings. The list goes on.

However, as a member of the security staff at the second-largest school district in Monroe County and a retired member of one of Monroe County's largest law enforcement agencies, I am kept up at night by the fear of an "active shooter" in the high school building to which I am assigned..."


Get another job, and pronto. I mean it.

He goes on to make some valid points but nowadays it seems mandatory for law enforcement officers to first profess their abject cowardice before getting to the heart of the matter. Back when he was nothing more than a glorified hall-monitor life was cool, but come time to face serious consequences it keeps him awake at night. And of course only the armed "professional" should be allowed to carry on campus.

Trust in yourself, your training, your dedication. If any one of the holy trinity is lacking then there are but two choices; improve or go into another line of work.

Just stop already with the incessant whining. It is unseemly.

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