Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ruminations Upon A Desultory Philippic

Let's say for the sake of argument that Obo walks away with the loon nomination.

He can't very well ask Skankles to be his running mate, not after exposing her as the loser she really is, so that leaves, well, pretty much nobody worth while. Too many losers that would diminish some of the Obo-Luster.

Not so with our very own Manchurian Candidate.

Johnny Rotten can offer Romney the 2nd chair, give a cabinet position to Rudy, even ask Doctor Paul if he'd consider being the White House Dog Catcher In Chief.

But his real ace in the hole would be to bring in a woman to be his VP.

Which woman? Hmmm...maybe Doctor Rice?

And since we're doling out advice, there is a no-lose, rock-solid way for Hillary to catch up to, then pass Obo.

Bill's gotta go. And hard. The world's most abused wife suddenly loses the man she stood behind through thick and thin. Hell, but if Bill were to be found sleeping with the fishes instead of interns and prostitutes, even Oprah would dump Obama for Skankles.

And then it'd be McCain's turn to trump that hand.

Maybe one last aisle reach? Maybe McCain sees the nation fawning all over the new widow in chief then asks Barack Obama to come along for one helluva ride...

Well. It'd work as an episode on West Wing. But in the real world, politicians are just too dumb and boring to go for the brass ring with pizazz.

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