Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In Wisconsin...Wasn't Even Close

Obama 58%
Clinton 41%

Besides the numbers, here's what the Yellowstreamers had to say:

"Speaking in Texas, where he had already traveled to get a jump on the March 4 race there, Obama briefly mentioned the 17-point victory in a 45-minute speech that was raucously received by the estimated 20,000-strong crowd.

“We just heard we won tonight in Wisconsin,” Obama said to catcalls and applause. “I am grateful to the people of Wisconsin for their friendship, and their support, and their extraordinary civic pride. You know, in Wisconsin when you go to vote it’s five degrees outside. But that has not deterred people from Milwaukee to Green Bay to Eau Claire, all across that state, from casting their ballot and exercising their civic duty.”

Catcall: a shrill, whistlelike sound or loud raucous shout made to express disapproval.

Wow. So Obama was soundly booed in Texas?

Nah. The Yellowstream journalists simply are not as well educated as they once were and tend to make it up as they go along.

"Catcall" sure does sound like a neat thing to do to Obo though.

No. I will not call him a pussy.

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