Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dick The Weasel Says Hillary's Goose Is Cooked...

"Reacting to the Clintons' threats, party elders like former Vice President Al Gore are reportedly waiting in the wings to adjudicate any issues before the Clintons split the party. He is, presumably, ready to administer the "Coup de Gore" - finishing off Hillary's political ambitions before she can resort to the kind of desperate scorched-earth practices her campaign is threatening.

Fueled by popular disgust with the Clintons' tactics - first their use of the race issue, and now their reliance on party bosses to thwart the popular will - voters are likely to hand state after state over to Obama. It's increasingly unlikely that Clinton will win even one of them.

Her vaunted lead in Texas, based on the huge Hispanic vote, has already vanished. Even if Clinton wins the March 4 primary, which choses two-thirds of the state's delegates, she'll falter in the primary-night caucuses that pick the other third. Obama's younger, more energetic and openly enthusiastic supporters generally dominate caucuses; he can likely count on nullifying any Clinton primary win.

In Ohio and Pennsylvania, she's based her hopes on her supposed lead among downscale, blue-collar voters. But much of her lead with this group is attributable to their lack of familiarity with Obama - and his near-weekly victory speeches on TV are filling in that gap. They'll will inch - or pour - away from the Clinton column.

Granted, some downscale voters are motivated by a desire to see a woman elected and others by racial prejudice - but many will desert to Obama the better they come to know him."

Beg pardon, Dickie boy? The BETTER they come to know him? Sweet moses on a pogo, are you getting in line for a job with Obo now?

There IS no Obama TO know.

Once a democrat slimeball always a democrat slimeball, eh Dickie?

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