Monday, May 22, 2006

All This Over Ammo...

..."Something I would expect from a phoney that has never spent a day in the US Army Special Forces."

Team Sergeant
Master Sergeant
Special Forces

Then a riposte

"Ya know up to now I was being polite. Friendly even.

Tell you what chuckle-head, instead of bothering ****, you can come see me instead. I will be perfectly happy to dribble your *** all over Pike Field. E-mail me at ************* for contact instuctions on how to get yourself broke from sucking eggs.
I'll be at the GB tonight. I'll be the 6'4", 210 pounder at the end of the bar in the black SOTIC t-shirt. Then you can call me out in front of God and the assembled multitudes.

If you come hard, you best come heavy."

18B4V W3 Weapons Sergeant
Special Forces (Class# 7-80)
Active Duty
Sigh. It really pisses me off that nobody calls ME out anymores. Reach a certain age and they mumble then walk away as if taking a swipe at the old man wasn't gentlemanly. Could also be when fellers can't see around you they get lumpy-throat. Anyhoot, thought I'd cut and paste some of the free-for-all that's been passing for intelligent conversation over the RBCD bullet-fiasco. Still some folks believing that slick advertising beats physics, and I truly do feel sorry for professionals that should know better.To date, the Marines have been staying out of this All-Army cluster fuck, and I don't count 'cause nobody wants a piece for fear of retaliation from AARP.


"I am a soldier, not a ballistician or a physician, but I will tell you that in the hundreds of rounds of LeMas (RBCD...Editor) I have fired, all have worked as intended and I have seen no failures except when rounds were completely defeated in hard armor. For example, in four counsecutive live tissue shots on caprines, every bullet functioned exactly the same way. The wounds produced look almost exactly like the ones from Dr. Vail's work and the LeMas promotional materials. I have seen the bullet function across a wide range of velocities, while I am sure that as with all expanding bullets, there is a threshold beyond which the bullet may not function to its full capability, I have not reached that in my experience."

That's fine. How many of the hundreds of rounds were taken from once-living targets that weren't slated for transformation to bacon, or blocks of clay, or gelatin. The laboratory-type media are valuable in the design of bullets but bear little or no relationship to terminal impact upon a human aggressor. Wounding an adversary means you've failed, and allowed a dangerous foeman the opportunity to continue an assault. All we want are rounds that provide the best that science can offer, not what Madison Avenue can shill. It's a life and death imperative that goes far beyond the Ford versus Chevy type debate, and when someone comes along and is proven to be a liar out for the big bucks, certain people become understandably angry.

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