Friday, May 26, 2006

Ruminations Upon A Desultory Philippic

The other day while driving, Linda Ronstaaaaaadts anti-love song Different Drum was playing on one channel of the radio, and I had just switched from some liberal jibber-jabber, so thoughts did collide.

We speak of someone dancing or heeding the rhythm of a different drum, but it can safely be said that modern liberal thinkers would have nothing to do with so odious an instrument. Loud, brash, unruly, and a quick glance is all it takes to see that one could obviously harm oneself while flailing away at the skins, and it is somewhat shocking to know that such contrivances can be had by virtually anyone, and without a permit.

Small and cowardly thinkers are best served using tom-toms, or perhaps even bongos.

Different they are, indeed. But drummers? Never. Those that set the bar so low simply must be called Different Toms in deference to such rigid thinking that is the very essence of self-limitation at its saddest level. Some stoop to conquer, others because the upright position is simply too painful, and, after all, they are not worthy.

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