Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Gun-Grabbers Never Rest

It's troublesome. Constantly beating the same dead horse can be boring, but if we don't keep up with the lies of liberal gun-grabbers then they've got us right where they want us. Complacent. Tired of fighting the same old battle, day in and day out.

Rust never sleeps and neither do the Loons. They'll scream about evil guns then fight to free criminals who've slaughtered the innocent.

Guns, you see, can't vote. But the friends and family and neighbors of murderers can.

Michael Daly is the NY Daily News mouthpiece for gun control. He's a tree-hugger, 2nd Amendment destroyer par excellance, and in todays issue of the big newpaper in the biggest city in America, he weeps. The essay is barely readable, as it flails to make sense of nonsense, but the tone remains the same as always. Criminals in less restricted cities, illegally sell guns to other criminals from NY.

There are plenty of laws against this, but enforcing the law means sending minorities to jail, and, minorities being minorities, they'll continue to try for the easy money so why tempt them? To the Loon-atic way of thinking, the only way around all of this is to ban what they steal and sell.

Sort of like saying that stolen cars, and drunk drivers kill the most people so lets ban all cars. And better yet, lets also ban alchohol. That of course WOULD solve that particular problem, now wouldn't it? But oops, we tried the booze-ban deal and all THAT did was create organized crime as we know it today. Make something illegal, and criminals will get rich giving the people what they want.

Enforce the existing laws, and make the penalties more severe. In NY you must be caught with over 15 guns on your person to be charged as an illegal gun dealer, and why not make that ridiculous number a LOT lower? ANY illegal weapon you are caught selling makes you a dealer, and you face the same sentence as the big boys. Sure, there will remain the hardcore that continue to traffic in illegal weapons, but there will be one helliva lot LESS of them.

And many of the problems in NY and Kalifornia were of course created because of the ridiculous laws against the ownership of firearms by perfectly legal citizens. Because none of us can be trusted with power, the Loons wish to take such power away. Makes us more beholding to them for protection. Forget that the vast majority of illegal handguns in our big cities are purchased by otherwise law abiding people who want to avail themselves of their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Focus on the crooks and the murderers. Send them away for a very long time. Execute them when their crimes are so heinous as to warrant society's hard solution.

Read some of Michael Daly's call to disarm. Then take a long shower to wash away the mental stench.

Staring Down The Barrel Of The NRA's Evil Lobbyist

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