Saturday, May 27, 2006

Yawn. More Hillary As Goddess Flummery From John Podhoretz

"Unless she does something to disrupt her own progress, or unless something happens in the world that makes her candidacy untenable, Hillary will be the Democratic nominee. And there's no doubt she will be a tougher candidate to defeat than Al Gore, whose message of onrushing global doom isn't exactly the kind of optimistic promise of a better future that resonates with voters.

Thus this Democratic fantasy of salvation from Hillary Rodham Clinton may also the fondest wish as well for Republicans and conservatives who want to keep the White House in GOP hands come 2008."

J-Pod is pimping a new book featuring The Hillary Is Coming, The Hillary Is Coming, to counter Gore's The Sky Is Falling, The Sky Is Falling, because there's big bucks in scaring the country in the same manner the first Ring movie did.

But if Hillary withstands the vetting process then the fix is in. A corrupt lawyer, and an AS corrupt, meddlesome, and incompetant First Lady, the thing from NY doesn't stand a snowballs chance in hell of withstanding the same sunlight that evaporates all such soap scum. Besides, to win the Presidency you've got to be attractive to middle of the roaders, and attractive she ain't. Short dumpy old women with screechy voices and bad variations of the Moe Howard hairstyle don't make the best of impressions on nationwide television, but that's the choir NOW was created to preach to so she will raise tons of cash.

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