Sunday, May 21, 2006

Why DO The Loons Hate Guns So?

Dunno. Scary, I guess. Then a loon rag will send a columnist to check out a gun show, and horror or horrors, guess what? There's LOTS of guns there!

Oh and don't look for this over at Little Green Footballs. Charles likes posting pictures of middle eastern kids with guns and calling it Child Abuse. Charles is from the Left Coast. 'Nuff said.

MILWAUKEE - "The flyer for the 135th annual gathering of the National Rifle Association said to "bring your whole family" to see "acres of the latest guns."

And a man behind the registration desk at the exhibition hall on Friday guaranteed this was no exaggeration.

"You won't believe it!" he said."

It DOES look to be a great show, and what BETTER way to teach kids about safety than to familiarize them with firearms at an early age? Whats that, then they'll learn how to be careful and the Brady Bunchers will have less to scream about?

Good point. It's never REALLY about the children, with loons, is it?

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