Friday, May 26, 2006

Gun-loving goon gets 25 years in shooting

"Trigger-happy thug Damian Henry, whose violent history with cops goes back years, finally got some serious jail time yesterday.
Henry was sentenced by a Brooklyn judge to 25 years in prison for shooting up an East Flatbush restaurant last June - firing the same gun used to kill Police Officer Dillon Stewart seven months later.
Henry, 25, was not charged in the cop killing, but earlier this month a jury found him guilty of attempted murder in the gunplay at the Tropical Paradise Restaurant.

It was his first felony conviction, despite a string of arrests after clashes with cops - including allegedly firing an Uzi at police outside a Brooklyn club in January. In 2003, he was acquitted of shooting a rookie cop."
The headline tells the real story, just as headlines are supposed to. Gun loving. That's his crime. Forget the fact that this bad actor spent most of his life robbing, and beating, and yes, shooting at people, because the story is about guns or the authors would have told the truth.

25 years for attempted murder never gets past an appeals court, no way, no how. Particularly since this was Henry's first felony conviction. A weepy judge reduces the sentence down, WAY down, so if he's a good boy while behind bars Mr. Henry spends may 3 years in the slammer and is back on the streets. He know this, every minority criminal in NYC knows this, and even the NY Daily News knows this. As shills for liberal Mayor Bloomberg, The News will jump on any story about guns and feature the tool as the real criminal because that's the Loon agenda. Mr. Henry is only a bad man because of society's deficiencies, and without the guns he would not have been able to commit such crimes, so punishing HIM, really punishing him is out of the question.

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