Sunday, May 28, 2006

GOP Rep. Rejects 'Amnesty' for Migrants

"The Senate plan to provide illegal immigrants with a shot at citizenship probably is a deal-breaker that will prevent passage of a compromise on immigration overhaul, the House's lead negotiator said Sunday. "The words 'path to citizenship' is a buzzword for amnesty. We ought to..."

But of course a path to citizenship is an amnesty, and thank heavens SOMEONE realizes this. And forget for a moment how aggravating this is to all of us LEGAL Americans, and imagine how those millions of immigrants AWAITING citizenship must feel after being informed that all of their years of doing the right thing meant nothing. They might as well have snuck in like the criminals the Senate wants to mollycoddle, and place ahead of them.

Really sends a terrific message, doesn't it, Something along the lines of: The Nation of Laws is closed for business so that the Democrats might bring in more voters. Think they're still pissed over that slavery deal and want another shot at getting some more folks who'll do their bidding for next to nothing? After all, they're using the same argument. The country was going to fall into ruin if the slaves were freed, and now if we send their new slaves away its the same doom and gloom.

Folks actually vote for these monsters, don't they?

Boggles the mind.

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