Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Then There's Woody...

The simple old bastard takes more time off than the Pope around Christmas, but comes back and hits the nail on the head:

Woody's News & Views

Madonna Is SO 80's

"Evidently Madonna is still around and she's trying to get our attention by being shocking but she's failing miserably..."

Uhhuh. Madonna is hanging from a giant cross protesting Lord knows what, because crosses are fair game because Christians are pussycats. They'll raise a stink but in checking the calender realize that going out and lopping off someone's head isn't all that cool.

So I'll join the chorus in asking all of the brave members of the entertainment media, especially the disjointed distaff's, why in the name of all thats right are they not protesting Islam's treatment of women. They have our undivided attention, because, after all, the mainstream media follows them like lap dogs and would publish anything they do or say, so if you happen to be Madonna why not get on the moslem's for beating, maiming, raping, and killing women, just for being women.

Because THAT would be a brave ass thing to do, wouldn't it. Brave for a moonbat, at least. No one is asking them to sight in a long gun and march on off to war, but ya think they'd take an at least halfhearted stab at making a statement against the worlds most dangerous, anti-female, cult.

But they're not even brave enough for that, are they. Don't have the guts to even ask why Islam does such horrific things. Don't have the guts to even mention those things.

On a daily basis, Islamic "courts" sentence young girls to death for something as simple as wearing lipstick, fathers behead daughters for being seen kissing a boyfiend, and MaLoon-A has nothing to say about that, but to get some attention hangs herself from a cross.

Wanna do something shocking, sweety? Go on national television and tear up a picture of Mohammed, in protest of his follower's treatment of women. Then call upon NOW and the Rosie O'Donnell's of the world to stand behind you in your quest to bring Islam to task for it's crimes against half of the worlds population.

Think there's any chance we'll see THAT?

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