Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Formerly Famous Dean Spiers On The Minutemen

"It is a pure exercise of the First Amendment. Assemble, and speak. It's all part of a redress of grievances. The ACLU, normally vigorous in defense of the First Amendment, seems to have dropped the ball on this one.The fact that some volunteers have legally armed themselves in these dangerous neighborhoods has upset many hoplophobes3, including numerous reporters I've met. Otherwise it seems quite rational (and irrelevant to the central story of massive illegal immigration). Official Minuteman policy requires that sidearms remain holstered at all times.

The Minutemen have a 100% no-contact rule – no waving, no talking, no contact of any kind. If illegals approach you, you must abandon your beach chair and leave (but they will provide water if they find people incapacitated by desert heat, rolling video cameras for protection from false claims, while awaiting Border Patrol agents; Minutemen have been credited with the rescue of more than 200 people in distress and, sadly, discovery of several dozen who died attempting illegal entry.)"

Dean Spiers is half a nutcase, and anyone in this day and age who wonders why the ACLU is not supporting the Minutemen is beyond clueless. He's a formerly famous gun writer ensconced in an echo chamber of his own design, but his website, The Gun Zone, is worth an occasional look if you can look past the hubris.

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