Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"Most people don't want to see other people carrying concealed guns..." NYC's Mayor Bloomberg

48 states allow concealed carry, so the "most people" that Loony Bloomy keeps talking about must live on the "Lost" island, where everyone is forever fighting over THE GUNS, just like good little liberals should.

To be fair though, in NYC and most of California, guns are trusted only to the wealthy and/or politically influential citizenry. And there are states like Texas...damn few, thank heavens, that "allow" the average joe the right to carry then arrest anyone seen 'printing' because it's considered to be disturbing the peace should a soccer mom spot a bulge then come to the conclusion that there's more to it than the bulger being happy to see her.

Handgun Law does a good job in breaking it down, state by state, and unlike Packing.org, is available most of the time.

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