Saturday, May 20, 2006

Calling All Moonbats...

The Big Apple Needs You To Step Up

"More than 9.5 million New Yorkers had the chance to donate to the proposed 9/11 memorial at Ground Zero on their tax returns this year - but fewer than 15,000 did.

Of seven charitable organizations to which tax filers could direct contributions on their 2005 returns, the World Trade Center Memorial fund came in sixth. Only the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center received less in checkoff pledges.

In all, 14,707 filers checked off the 9/11 memorial, state tax returns indicate, bringing in a measly $150,085, reported the Department of Taxation and Finance. Charities benefiting breast cancer, wildlife and exploited children all received more money from more people.

"We are slightly disappointed by the results," said Gretchen Dykstra, head of the WTC Memorial Foundation. "And I'm not discounting that nearly 15,000 New Yorkers did check us off on their tax returns."


Another heartwarming story, actually. The fact that ONLY 15,000 loons were persuaded to contribute to the horrendous atrocity that the America-haters are calling a monument, is a GOOD sign. Gretchen isn't aware of this, because Gretchen is one of the Loon-atics in charge of the mess, and is perplexed as to why more folks don't want to donate their hard earned monies to lionize troubled peoples from around the world who were forced to attack us because we deserved it.

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