Sunday, May 28, 2006

Haloscan Query

So I opted for the 'premium' Haloscan deal, paid, and received the paypal receipt within moments. That was over 24 hours ago and still nothing from Haloscan regarding email notification activation. The same message appears:

"Before comment notification is enabled, you must confirm your email address. An email has just been sent to the email you have specified in the account info page.

Included in the email are instructions on how to activate. Until these instructions are followed, you will not receive any email notification from HaloScan. Note that if you have any sort of spam filters enabled, then you may need to disable them for emails coming from

An activation email for this account has already been sent in the past 30 minutes. Please try again in 30 minutes."

Strange how ALL of my other emails are working just fine, including the one informing me that they received payment, but their mail just doesn't seem to be getting through to me.



I send them an email. They respond that wowsers, the email to you should have been instantaneous...I'll dismiss the fact that the messages kept telling me to try back in another half an hour...but maybe it's because it's your aol email address because sometimes we have problems with that.

So I give 'em another address, and still nothing. They can tell me to keep trying via email, but cannot activate me via email. And when I try again, I get the message to retry in another 30 minutes which is the definitive way to keep an idiot busy, but who has time for this nonsense. Sorry, but my tolerance level for incompetance does not permit me to recommend these twerps. And besides, half the time I don't know there's a comment unless I click in because there is no numerical factor beside the Comment indicator.

Bad show. And to all who use and recommended this atrocity, just remember that it's a small world.

(Lisa said that I should SAY when I'm joking because sometimes I sound too serious)

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