Friday, May 19, 2006

Terminal Ballistics Of The .40 Caliber XTP...

Sort of.

Okay. Crazy Jay finally got around to shooting some Double Tap .40 caliber, 200 grain Hornady XTP's through water jugs.

Chronograph: Average of 10 shots, 15' from the muzzle: 1006 fps from the 3.5" barrel of a Glock 27. His G-23 is awaiting a new barrel because he kaboomed the old one.

Penetration through water jugs: "All the way." I have not clue-one as to what this means.

Average width of retrieved bullets: .68". And "They held together like nobody's bizness. Only thing flattened was the tips, but the ass-ends were like new."

That is one of the big selling points to law enforcement, as they are collectively in hot lust over bullets that mushroom through common barriers but retain their weight and overall integrity. The .68" diameter disappoints me, as I have grown accustomed to .80 and above from Federal HST and PMC Starfire bullets. I like the thought of using a 200 grainer, but like the fatter rounds even more. Were I to be a member of law enforcement, shooting through car doors and windows would be something to take into serious consideration, but if a civvy does that, then it's off to 3 hots and a cot at the correctional facility of the city and/or state's desire.

Now if Double Tap were to manufacture a 200 grain HST of the same velocity, I'd buy a case a month. PMC keeps it's Starfire line proprietary so for now there's no hope of getting a hot version in the heavyweight category, and that's a shame as well.

200 grains/1000 fps/.85 average expansion is all I ask from a .40 caliber self defense round. But I guess I'll have to settle for the 180 grain version, at least for the time being.


Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like any one of them will ruin your whole day.

Fits said...

Most assuredly, Bad. I am anal about this, though, for a decent enough reason.What if I met me in a dark alley.