Saturday, May 20, 2006

Poor Immigrant Kills Gal Pal Because She Was Disrespectful...

"A Guyanese immigrant admitted at his murder trial yesterday that he stabbed his fiancée when she gave him lip only three weeks after he paid thousands of his hard-earned bucks to smuggle her to the United States.

Henry Jacobs, 38, said he asked Vanessa Bailey, 26, his fiancée of four years, why she lied about talking to another man on a cell phone while he was with her at her mom's apartment in Flatbush.

"I don't know, man. I went out of my mind! I hit her. I saw a knife was somewhere on the couch.... I remember stabbing her once," he said.

"It came straight from my heart! I'm not a violent person. I'm a very loving person," he continued, under questioning from his lawyer, Sam Carliner.

Jacobs faces up to 25 years to life in prison if convicted of intentionally killing Bailey on Oct. 17, 2004. Jacobs wants a jury to acquit him or find him guilty of a lesser crime for acting out of "extreme emotional disturbance."

While Jacobs testified he stabbed the attractive beautician only once, authorities said he knifed her five times."

Now here's the deal. His lawyer is doing the right thing because this assuredly hand-picked-from-the-lowest-of-the-low jury is in no way, shape, or form going to convict him of 1st degree murder. He didn't use a, gasp, gun, so that means he's not an animal, just a poor immigrant searching for the dream, who made one silly little mistake.

I'll keep my eye on this, but he'll get 6-10 years TOPS, and be back on the streets in 4.



Lemuel Calhoon said...

Well, she did speak to him with disrespect.

Fits said...

True. But it was only the first time, so a decent enough beating could have sufficed.