Saturday, May 20, 2006

So What ARE The Loons Saying About The Iranian-Jew-Badges Deal?

Same old same old. They don't believe it. When one is a Loon-atic, one can be selective in the definition of reality, and instead of awaiting further proof, they dismiss it out of hand as just another CONSPIRACY.

I'd link to Kos, but go there yourself if you have the urge to, as I'm still feeling ill and won't be an enabler of such waste material.


Anonymous said...

What part of false don't you get?

Iran: Yellow badge report false

Fits said...

False as in the Iranians being quick to retract what their wacko President thought might be cool.

Oh I see. THAT false. For a second I thought you meant false, as in NEVER FUCKING HAPPENED.

So tell me the truth now, how WAS having thaf first beer and are you over the effects yet....