Sunday, May 21, 2006

George Will On: Saving Liberalism

"...Beinart worries that "the elections of 2006 and 2008 could resemble the elections of 1974 and 1976, when foreign policy exhaustion, and Republican scandal, propelled Democrats to big gains." If so, those gains will be "a false dawn." The country will eventually turn right because, "whatever its failings, the right at least knows that America's enemies need to be fought."

There's far more to the differences between liberalism and conservatism than the ability to stand on one's hind legs, but at least Beinart knows of one. Most modern day liberals believe that sitting around a negotiating table to prolong a crisis is the only way to combat it, and yes, the belief that the world is far better than us is also a Loon-atic call to disarms. Most folks think them to be cowards, and that is perhaps why they act so belligerent when visiting conservative blogs, almost as if to prove themselves worthy of a good fight.

Internet muscles. Anyway, the entirety of George Will's Sunday column may be accessed here.

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