Sunday, May 21, 2006

Liberals At War...

Liberal #1: "The minimim wage is a JOKE! People should be paid lots and lots MORE than they are now! Only a fascist government would DARE force people to subsist on such meager salaries! More money for the workers NOW!"

Then comes along...

Liberal #2: "Bringing a halt to illegal immigration is a JOKE! People should be glad that we have Mexicans to work certain jobs. There will always BE such jobs because some work just doesn't pay well and never will, and the economy would be in ruin if small and big businesses alike were forced to raise salaries if all the Mexicans went home!"

They pause for a moment to stare at one another. Realizing that the other is correct, but that they themselves aren't wrong, both of their heads simultaneously explode from the contradiction.

The moral of the story is for liberals to never bitch unless they've first checked the surrounding area for other bitching liberals, because making the world a perfect place can be dangerous.

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