Sunday, May 28, 2006

So How's Them Wacky A-Rabs Been Behaving...

Abusive Husband Demands SR30,000 for a Divorce

Arab News
JEDDAH, 28 May 2006 — A violent and abusive husband in Taif is demanding SR30,000 from his wife for a divorce. Three years ago Nawal Mohammed, of Abqaiq, married a man from Taif. A month later... Full Story

Anybody have Madonna's email address? It's okay if you don't want to share it, I remember when I stumbled across Adrienne Barbeau's email, and like a knucklehead accidentally posted it over at my old AOL blog . Boy was she pissed. Anyway, if you do have a way to contact the Material Girl, then please send her the above story, as I'm quite certain she'd jump at the chance to take on Islam.

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