Saturday, September 23, 2006

Executions spark Indonesia unrest

This is getting cyberink from many conservative blogs, and the following is from the BBC:

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of eastern Indonesia after three Christian militants were executed in religiously divided Sulawesi.

Protesters torched cars, looted shops and set prisoners free from a jail.
But Palu, where the executions took place, remained calm. Mourners attended church services to pray for the men.

The three men were convicted of masterminding a series of attacks on Muslims in central Sulawesi in 2000 that killed at least 70 people."

Did they break the law? Was the penalty as defined by the law a just one? If so, then who cares what religion they happened to be.

Is it not a good thing that moslems were sentenced to more lenient forms of punishment? Yes. Do I for one care that killers were put to death? No. The moslems had the home field advantage and why this is such a big deal remains beyond me. Probably because a killer is a killer and I could care less what invisible man in the sky he prays to.

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