Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Minor Clarification Of Sorts

I've been reading one asinine liberal account after another of the Pope's response to islamic furor over his statements concerning how violent these barbarians can be.

His Holiness did NOT say, gee I'm sorry. What he DID say was, gee, sorry you moslems got all bent out of shape. I mention a several hundred year old account of how islam sheds blood at the slightest provocation and to prove me wrong they...

Shed blood. At the slightest provocation.

Now, when religion does good things it should be commended, and this is one of those times. As someone who disagrees with 4500 year-old theories of how the physical world works...I'm unsure of the relationship between a thunder storm and an invisible man living in the sky...I can take most religious doctrine with a grain of ancient salt. When one or another religion rallies it's troops to kill for one deity or another, I find this to be troublesome. When a major religion says hey, swinging that sword around just because someone doesn't worship the same god is a bad thing, then that particular religion...Roman Catholicism in this contributing to the cause of good over evil.

First and foremost we must understand that moslems are cowards, so the Pope is not in any serious danger. Attacking the Holy Father in Rome would be a death sentence for islam, and it's yellow-bellied followers know this. They will rant, rave, and make complete and utter fools of themselves, but sticks and stones and all that jazz.

The Pope was on the right track, and has not backed down.

Good job, Pope.

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