Thursday, September 21, 2006

Elin Woods...

STRAFFAN, Ireland - "It's a tempest in an Irish teapot and it has got Tiger Woods steaming.

First, a Dublin magazine published rehashed topless photos that were wrongly identified to be of Woods' ex-model wife, Elin. Then an Irish tabloid sensationalized the bogus story in order to print gratuitous shots of a bikini-clad Elin in its editions yesterday.

It was enough to bring an agitated Woods into the Ryder Cup interview session early in order to defend his wife's honor..."

And I think this is absolutely disgusting. She obviously married him for his brains, he for hers, and their celebrity has nothing to do with anything so why can't people leave these two shy little lovebirds alone. It's not like they've spent their entire lives begging folks to pay attention to the things they do, and even pay for the privilege.

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