Monday, September 25, 2006

Time To Play For Men Only...

Ellen Barkin was one of those gotta have actresses back in the 80's. She married Gabe Byrne, kicked his butt out then hitched up with multi-scazillionaire Ron Perlman (think Revlon). Now she's back in the saddle after dumping his rich old ass, and will be the female lead in George Clooney's take the money and run upcoming flick Oceans 13. That's where lucky George gets paid $20 mill a pop to show up high as a kite, not learn any lines, then threaten to take his business elsewhere if anyone asks him or his pally's to actually act. Yeah, the gals love him THAT much.

But back to Barkin. I asked a Hollywood friend why her? Okay, she's tall and blonde and lanky, but why the fuss? Lots better looking babes, most of them much younger.

"They say she's the best lay in Hollywood."

Oh. I did not know this. Not that the knowledge will do me much good, but a man can dream, right?

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