Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Neverending Sissification Of Texas...We Get Letters

In Texas, a business may ban a customer from entering the premises with a concealed firearm by posting the infamous 30.06 sign that basically says NO GUNS IN HERE.

"Personally, I have no problem with business owners being able to decide what happens on their property. As I mentioned earlier, we tend to respect a man's property rights too.

The 30.06 deal, to me, seems like a real nice compromise that gives both business owners and concealed-carriers plenty of room.

These are the same folks who thought banning blacks was okay until the federal government came along and said NOPE. You a yellow Chinaman? Some other kind of ferigner? Say now, no gals in here. These are the same folks who fought tooth and nail to ban service animals until the federal government came along and got it, see, you catch on quick. Yellow, black, purple, female, shemale, or legal ferigner with a seeing-eye-dog. All folks should be welcome EVERYWHERE.

Private businesses that are open to the public should of course have a say in who enters their establishments...nobody wants to shop next to a druggie or a drunk or some fat ass waddling around half naked. But not when their "say" means restricting an otherwise law-abiding persons' constitutional rights. As long as a legal firearm is legally concealed and the owner meets all local and federal requirements then what's the big deal?

Why ARE Texans so afraid? Is it for fear a nigger with a hip bulge will try and do some shopping? That gook over there, he packin'? Bitch better NOT be carryin no heat in MY bizness.

The NRA is striving mightily to overthrow these NO GUNS ALLOWED signs that seem to be cropping up in weanie-villes across the country, and yes, we can do it without Texas. We've come this far without Texans helping us to protect and preserve the 2nd Amendment and we can keep pushing until there is a national-carry law.

We made them take down the NO BLACKS ALLOWED signs, and we'll make them tear these suckers up, too.

Lucky for Texas that little mission didn't have a 30.06 back in 1836, now isn't it.

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