Monday, September 25, 2006

Good News!

And I do so hate exclamation points unless included for humorous impact, but...

"The Starfire line has not been discontinued, but we are moving the production to another facility. Product should come available again next year."


PMC Customer Service

Yes. PMC Starfire is only on hiatus. It is top-notch ammunition so this is a good thing. And to the myriad of nincompoops who say that the Starfire is PMC's takeoff on the Black Talon, without the "Tephlon" coating, you ninnies couldn't be farther from the truth if you tried. Lots of ammo was teflon...polytetraflouroethylene...coated to prevent the BARREL from wearing, and had nothing to do with penetration. At all. Regardless of what the jerkwad liberal media was lying about. The Starfire design was and remains unique and not a copy of ANYONE'S cartridge. In bare gelatin as well as bare skin, Starfire rounds exhibit greater expansion and penetration than even the NEW Rangers, which replaced the antequated Black Talons. Good lord but don't you dudes know anything.

The pic is of the best self-defense cartridges known to man. The Starfire .44 magnums expand to an inch and a quarter and the only reason I've never touted them is because no one carries a .44 magnum. Accurate, explosive penetration, but at the very edge of controllability for the average modern gunslinger.

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