Friday, September 22, 2006

Words Of Whiz-Dumb From Bubba Clinton

WASHINGTON - "Former President Clinton said yesterday the United States should try talking to Iran about its nuclear ambitions without imposing a lot of conditions.

"If you think you might have trouble with somebody, and God forbid if you think it could lead to a military confrontation, then there needs to be the maximum amount of contact beforehand," Clinton said on NBC's "Today" show."

So let's see what we have here. Iran has threatened, no, Iran has PROMISED to destroy America. Iran is led by a group of moslem holy men, and a maniacal dictator. Iran has aided and abetted our enemies all over the globe, and is responsible for the deaths of Americans.

And we While the sworn enemy prepares for war. Talk like Clinton did. Talk with men dying at the hand of hysterical religions who believe that the only talking to be done should include enough lies to fool the enemy.

The weak talk. The strong act.

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