Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Papal Snafu, Part 5,673...

Yes. It's true. In the past, many Catholic military men and explorers went into battle invoking the name of Santiago Matamoros ("St James the Moor-killer" among others) to lend strength to their force of arms. Killing in the name of religion has never been limited to moslems. But begging your pardon, this was 500 years ago, and some of us HAVE taken notice that it no longer happens. Catholics no longer put people to the sword in the name of their deity. Those of good will see the past for what it was.

People of the time using what information they had about the natural world and conducting themselves accordingly. They were often in error. Many, many of the innocent were slaughtered. Modern man looks back and learns. Modern moslem looks back and learns how to kill.

Big fucking difference, okay?

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