Thursday, September 21, 2006

We Get Letters

"In the last month issue of American Guns John Taffin said that Clint Smith was the worlds best expert on fighting handguns. What do you know of him...?

I no longer read anything by John Taffin, as his articles are, without exception, advertisements for Smith & Wesson, or a crony in the gunmaking business. That said, I looked at The American Handgunner issue in question and he did indeed annoint Clint Smith in such a manner. Clint Smith runs Thunder Ranch. At Thunder Ranch one may, after spending thousands of dollars, learn to shoot a firearm like Clint Smith does. I have never seen Mr. Smith shoot anything, but sources say that he is a good shot. Nor do I know the firefights he has witnessed or been involved in, to deserve so grandiose an appellation. As one who has been in a few, my impressions of Mr. Smith are thus: He cannot write. He shows little attention to detail. He never met a cliche he didn't like. He changes his mind from day to day regarding the efficiency of handguns, as well as lavishing praise on whichever free weapon S&W has given him, be it pistol or revolver. That aside, he is definitely an expert on earning money by teaching people with money how to shoot at paper targets. Men of my acquaintance who have shot dozens, and in some cases hundreds, of live targets do not talk or act this way, nor do they favor anyone speaking of their efforts.

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