Monday, September 25, 2006

Whatever Shall We Do!

September 25, 2006 -- "There just aren’t enough minority teachers to meet the demand.

Three out of four students in the city NY) public-school system are black or Hispanic — but blacks and Hispanics make up a significantly smaller percentage of new teachers than they did just five years ago, new figures show.

Of the estimated 6,500 teachers hired by for the current school year, only 14.1 percent were black and 11.7 percent were Hispanic."

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So Minority kids need minority treachers? Gone are the studies showing gender to be the most important factor, and in with blacks for blacks and spanish for spanish?

What about this diversity deal? Wouldn't 75% minority hires fail to address the much needed diversity standards?

And precisely WHERE are they to find enough minorities with a college education and qualified to teach?

Not in this country.

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