Saturday, September 23, 2006

Info For All Marines

Okay, okay, stop whining. You dogfaces can use the stuff too. The following links have been vetted by some pretty serious spooks but if something turns sour let me know. There are lots of guys who'd love to pay a visit to someone wanting to scam a jarhead or his family. They get to fly free so time and space is not a problem.

From: Stalder LtGen Keith J

Sent: Thursday, September 21, 2006 16:41


"If your a troop over seas or you know someone that is.
NCIS agent sent this to me."

1. Subject: Free Stuff for Troops. We have run these thru ACS, JAG and MWR, and all appear legit. - Free computers for spouses or parents of deployed soldier in ranks E1 - E5. - Free phone cards. - To sign up for sponsoring soldier care packages for theater. - free shoebox care package. -free cookies. - lowest airfare available. - free care packages. - free air travel for Emergency Leave, and for the family members of injured soldiers to travel to Medical facility. - Airline discounts for R & R. - free books, DVD's, CD's. free care packages (your family member signs up to have sent to you). - free care packages. - get adopted to receive stuff. - free gifts and care packages. free shipping/packing materials for shipping to troops.

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