Saturday, September 30, 2006

"You've got what you wanted. What are you going to do now? Shoot us?"

These were of course the last words of actress Nicole duFresne as she demanded that the man who'd just robbed them and pistol-whipped her boyfriend now leave, because, after all, they had places to go that Manhattan evening. The story is an interesting social commentary, and on a myriad of levels. The pouty, spoiled rich white girl, standing hands on hips and berating the young and poor 19 year-old black man. The black man now fighting for his freedom as the court case begins, says the revolver went off by accident. NYPD's "Expert" says otherwise...

"Other prosecution testimony yesterday may ultimately prove more tactical than the fiancé's. An NYPD firearms expert, for instance, told jurors that Fleming's gun, a massive .357 Magnum revolver, needs at least four pounds of trigger pressure to fire, and can't go off accidentally if merely jostled or dropped."

It'd be interesting to know how many times the same "Expert" has testified, as they all do, about how easy it is to discharge a firearm that has a 4 lb. trigger pull. If he's really an expert then he's spoken on behalf of cops who've squeezed when they should not have, and swayed a jury as to how easy it is to exert 4 lbs. of pressure in certain situations.

Because it is. Because NYC believes this to be true and has Glock install 8 lb. triggers in police firearms, as the stock 5.5 ones are far too "dangerous" for street use. If the killers' lawyer has anything on the ball he'll trot in his own NYPD experts who'll testify that the 35,000 cops on the force cannot use a trigger that light and bombard the jury with page after page of NYPD generated studies proving it to be so.

The spoiled little rich girl who dared them to shoot her.
The infamously incompetent NYPD twisting the truth to suit them.

Only big cities breed so truly dumbass a combo.

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